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Triple Toe Skatewear is proud to display all of our brands primary business contacts for informational purposes. All brands displayed have exceeded Triple Toe Skatewear quality standards in terms of product quality, customer service, and overall customer satisfaction. Logos, names, and company descriptions are owned by their respective trademark owners and are used under written permission with Triple Toe Skatewear Inc. If you would like your figure skating brand to appear on, please send us an email at

Jackson Ultima

Inspired by his love for the sport and his key interest in product design, Don developed the first Jackson Figure Skate. In 1966, Don in partnership with his brother Bill founded Don Jackson Skate Products which they operated for 20 years as a family business. For a period, the Bauer Skate Company, the global leader in hockey skates, had an ownership interest in Jackson. Don Bauer, the son of the founder of Bauer Skates, worked with the Jackson brothers during this partnership period with Bauer Skate Company. The Bauer Skates interest was purchased back upon Mr. Bauer’s retirement in 1978 and the Company was once again wholly owned by the Jackson Brothers. In January 1986, Don Jackson Skate Products was acquired by Tournament Sports Marketing Inc. Tournament Sports led by Kim Bauer, the grandson of the founder of the Bauer Skate Company, and Wayne Schagena, following a 22 year career with the Bauer Skate Company. Mr. Schagena’s knowledge of the Jackson Skate business was a catalyst for the acquisition of Jackson Skates by Tournament Sports.

Tournament Sports is headquartered in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada with subsidiaries based in DuPont, Washington in the US, Tilburg in the Netherlands and Dongguan, China. Jackson Ultima is a global leader in figure skate boots, blades and complete skates. Our expertise and passion for the sport is embodied in our companies commitment to technology that enhances the performance of the world’s leading skaters. We also offer a complete range of recreational figure and leisure skates to enhance the pleasure and enjoyment of all skaters.


Joseph Spteri started making skating boots in 1948 when the company he was working for decided to produce skating boots as an adjunct to its shoe making operations. As a seasoned cobbler, he adapted to the production of skating boots, quickly becoming the head skate designer for his employer. For 13 years, Joseph honed his skills in pattern design and customizing boots to fit customer specifications. In 1962, his employer passed away and the company was sold.Joseph then decided to start his own company, and SP-Teri was born.By August 1963, Joseph was manufacturing SP-Teri boots in his own small workshop in California. The boot design he had created fit skaters remarkably well, making them an instant success, so much so, that the company was sitting on a 10-week backlog of orders by the following year!

Skate shops across the country started carrying SP-Teri boots. By the third year of business, Joseph was out-selling his former employer. In 1972, Joseph’s son George joined the family business and continued to build the SP-Teri reputation for quality and fit for years to come.


Risport was founded in the 1970s in Montebelluna, the home of the Sport system. It immediately established itself as the leading brand in the world of skating due to its characteristic elegance, performance and capacity for innovation. The world’s best skaters wear Risport to compete in all the highest level competitions, obtaining excellent results. Since 1995, Risport has been part of the Rossignol Group, a world leader in winter sports.From its headquarters in Montebelluna, Risport continues to be the go-to brand for high-level skaters and all those who want to compete, with its world-class products born from cutting-edge technological research without betraying over 50 years of style.

Rainbo Sports

From beginners to champions, Rainbo Sports is committed to enhancing the performance and supporting the lifestyle of figure skaters all over the world.

Rainbo Sports was founded in 1956 and is one of the oldest and largest retailers of figure skating equipment and clothing in the United States. We started serving the figure skating industry as a small rink shop located in the Rainbo Ice Arena in Chicago, one of the first private indoor ice arenas in the Midwest. Since then, Rainbo Sports has grown to become the leading figure skating retailer in the US.

Rainbo Sports has always been a leader in innovation for the figure skating industry. In 1972, Rainbo introduced the first skating products catalog. In the 1980’s, we developed the Rainbo Dealer Network, which is now represented in 44 states and 23 countries. In the past 10 years, we have introduced, the leading figure skating e-commerce site and Rainbo2U, the mobile retail and services arm that serves figure skating clubs throughout the Midwest. We have serviced all levels of skaters and have worked with Olympic champions from Dorothy Hamill and Katrina Witt to Tara Lipinski and Evan Lysacek (who was actually a model in one of our catalogs as a kid).

Adults Skate Too originally began in 2018 as a re-post account on Instagram. After seeing so many adult skaters use the #adultsskatetoo hashtag, it seemed like a great idea to create an account to showcase adult skaters’ accomplishments and continue to build the community. In 2019, it evolved into a resource/blog website with adult skater blog contributors sharing their amazing stories. Now, we are offering our own line of handmade apparel. If you are an adult skater, you know finding figure skating apparel is not easy. This line is designed to let adult skaters show their pride for their hard work because #adultsskatetoo. 

John Wilson Blades

In Sheffield England 1696, John Wilson the royal toolmaker was commissioned to make a pair of figure skating blades for King William III. Today HD Sports is the world’s leading figure skate blade manufacturer, crafting exceptional blades for world-class skaters. National, World and Olympic champions choose our John Wilson Blades above any other brand. With a distinguished 324-year history, we have a deep-rooted passion for skating. We understand that precision and performance are the materials from which champions are made.

Paramount Blades

Paramount Sk8s is an American manufacturer located in the greater Chicago, IL area. Our mission is to provide you with the highest quality, lightest, strongest and most accurate skate blades in the industry. This is done by precision engineering and utilizing the most advanced machinery, materials, and systematics. There is no question as to why professional skaters throughout the world have turned to Paramount for their competitive advantage.


Mondor develops high performance tights and competition apparel, which meet the specific needs of athletes specializing in dance, figure skating and gymnastics. Mondor also provides comfortable, fashionable tights designed for active women. Mondor is comprised of an authentic, passionate team of people who, day after day, pursue the quest for excellence by developing exceptional quality products.