Girl’s Jackson Ultima 2020 Evo Ice Skate Set ( Boot & Blade)


  • Lightweight microfiber upper with fabric lining for soft and comfortable fit
  • Tongue with soft top-line eliminates shin irritation
  • Fusion soles with Ultima Mark IV blade attached

E-Fitting: Talk with our fitting specialists via webcam session and gain access to fitting aids. Ice skate size varies significantly from regular gym shoes, that is why its always important to find the right size to avoid ice related injuries. The Triple Toe team have been fitting skates for over 20 years, let us help you find the correct size. Click the button below to schedule your appointment. Requirements: Working printer and webcam.

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Cut resistant microfiber upper, with non-abrasive fabric lining makes initial fit soft and comfortable. U-shaped cuff pattern & adjusted back height allows for maximum flexibility without losing support. Specially designed covered tongue with soft top-line for improved comfort and air flow. Split leather & heat moldable reinforcements insert for enhanced durability, wrap & security. Swarovski Crystals inlayed in backstrap with a reinforced heel with aluminum plates eliminates sole separation. Lightweight Fusion soles with Mark IV blade attached.

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Girl's Size

1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3.0, 3.5


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