Jackson Ultima 5410 Supreme Low Cut Ice Skating Boot


  • Skate’s weight is reduced by 20% over traditional models.
  • Also available in Premium Support – Level 85 by special order.
  • Carbon fiber sole reduces weight, is water and torque resistant; rubber layer provides non-slip blade mount and shock absorption.
  • Pre- punched ankles offer immediate comfort while recessed soft foam ankle pads hold ankles in place for better fit and security.
  • Soft collar is less irritating for Achilles tendons.
  • Antibacterial lining made of perforated microfiber allows for better air flow, eliminating odors.
  • Extra wrap in ankle area, angled hooks and set back lace holes help secure feet for better stability and control while virtually eliminating lace bite.
  • Molded covered tongues with softer edges reduce irritation at ankle bones and instep.

E-Fitting: Talk with our fitting specialists via webcam session and gain access to fitting aids. Ice skate size varies significantly from regular gym shoes, that is why its always important to find the right size to avoid ice related injuries. The Triple Toe team have been fitting skates for over 20 years, let us help you find the correct size. Click the button below to schedule your appointment. Requirements: Working printer and webcam.

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The Jackson Ultima 5410 Low Cut Ice Skating Boot is designed for an advanced competitive skater. The boot’s weight is reduced by 20% over traditional models. Based off the successful elite 4500 pattern, this boot features a lower boot height and a unique flexible tongue. The sole is made out of carbon fiber which reduces weight, torque, and is water resistant. Rubber non-slip mounting platform provides a non-slip surface for blade mounting and shock absorption. Extra wraps are present in the ankle area, providing lasting comfort and support. Asymmetric flex points for inside and outside ankle areas provide better support and flexibility. Angled hooks and set back lace holes help secure feet for better stability while eliminating lace bite. Rolled topline of the boot for flexibility and comfort. The soft collar is designed to be less irritating for achilles tendons. Anti-bacterial microfiber lining allows for better air flow and eliminating odors.

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